It is upgraded with 10 percent more built volume than the predecessor model, Big 60 V3 is an industrial-scale 3D printer produced by Modix which is a printer maker with its headquarters in Israel. The printer also has a Duet 2 Wi-fi 32 bit controller instead of the 8-bit MKS Gen 1.4. Furthermore there is the RepRap firmware of Duet 3D replaces the Marlin firmware.

The printer is equipped with a direct drive E3D Titan Aero extruder that handles the filament spool you're planning to print using. A 7-inch-long touch screen allows users to interact using the Big 60 V3. Additionally the printer has been through numerous other upgrades, ranging from its motion rails, ball screws, wires and drivers.

Alongside the changes as well as the addition of remarkable new features that are included in the Big 60 V3 has. Let's begin by doing some more research and getting acquainted with the printer.


Primarily, Modix Big-60 Version 3 gives an easy assembly process and potential for updates to occur in the near future! In addition, the machine comes with dual direct drives that improve the precision of its second print head.

Additionally, the printer has an extrusion mechanism that is more efficient. The PEI print surface offers greater adhesion and getting rid of printed 3D objects.

The big-60 V3 comes with many characteristics that help it distinct from other printers within the same price bracket. Let's look at them in turn.

Large Build Volume

Big 60 V3 has an maximum build size of 600 mm * 600mm * 600 millimeters. This lets users print massive parts and functional prototypes all in one shot. This means you'd not have to put together an object in various parts and then upload it to the program. Any object with an area of build smaller than that mentioned can be printed as a whole.

This decreases the possibility of part failure once they enter use. Since an object constructed in one go has more power.

Improved Design

Modix Big 60

The printer arrives to you in a specific black and red-colored style. It is built with a robust chassis that has a frame measuring 40 mm x 40 mm made from T-slot aluminum profiles that are joined by powder-coated laser-cut Aluminum brackets, joints and brackets.

With a larger rail and carriage are Hiwin MGM motion rails that provide greater precision and a smoother experience over the MGN rails that were utilized on Big 60 V2. It also has four ball screws on its Z-axis. Each with a precise lead screw that allows the movement of the print bed with an 0.5-micron layer high.

The print head's wires of Big 60 V3 and its drag chain is based on its Y-axis. Additionally, the printer comes equipped with high-quality signal cables manufactured by the well-known German company called IGUS. An enclosure that can be made from 3mm aluminum Polycarbonate and composite sheets reinforces the print chamber's doors.

In addition to providing strength as well as durability, these materials also offer an impressive amount of noise and thermal insulation, which guarantees the maintenance of uniform temperatures. Its aluminum casings can be made to fit any kind of custom fixture, and the lid gives easy access to the print bed of your printer.

Efficient Extruder

Modix Big 60 V3 3D

Big 60 V3 features an E3D Aero direct extruder accompanied by an V6 Volcano hot end that lets you switch nozzles of different diameters to control your flow. The extrusion system of this printer is extremely adaptable. Users have the option for increasing the temperature that its thermistor is able to withstand, i.e. between 285 ° Celsius from 285 degrees Celsius to 500° Celsius.

Due to this characteristic it is possible to print using industrial-grade materials that require a higher the glass-to-glass transition. It is compatible with PLA, PETG, PVA ABS, ABS, PC Nylon, TPU carbon composite, as well as other uncommon three-dimensional printers' filaments. With different diameters of nozzles, the printer is able to print with 0.4 millimeters, 0.6 mm, 0.8 millimeters, 1 millimeters and even 1.2 millimeter the nozzles.

Double Heat Zones

Modix Big 60 V3 3D

While the printer's main benefit is its ability to print large parts, it's suitable to print smaller jobs due to the dual heat zones set in by Modix. The two zones that are 200 mm by 200 mm can be capable of creating parts with a low amount of print volume, and superior quality with less energy consumption.

Automated Leveling of Bed Leveling

Like its predecessor, Big 60 V3 provides a fully automated bed leveling. The entire system consists of 100 probe points. In addition, there's been an improvement over the original nine-point probing system which was also a component in Version one. The printer would be set up quicker and you'll be able to create more precise first layer printing with less hassle.

Touch Screen Interface

Modix Big 60 V3 3D

A new seven-inch touch screen interface allows users to control and monitor different features of the printer. To make your life easier the interface displays information in real-time , allowing you to make quick decisions quickly. Additionally, with the Wi-Fi module, users can operate the printer using a computer or even a cell phone.

Easy Assembly

Available as an DIY kit It is a DIY kit Big 60 V3 is redesigned from scratch to make for simpler and faster assembly. The printer maker includes the symmetrical components, as well as smaller brackets, and an easy to put together print head.

In the end it's a good idea to assemble the printer so that you can begin 3D printing which won't require much time due to the simple user guide that is included. Additionally, users can view over 80 instructional videos that explain the step-by-step assembling process.

32-bit Electronics Board

Big 60 V3 comes to you by the Duet3D 32-bit electronic board that comes with features such as the ability to resume printing that saves all of your printing progress in the event of an outage in power and allows you to resume your print at the exact place you left prior to. Furthermore, this part helps to make the printing process considerably smoother.


Modix Big 60 V3 print employing FDM 3-D printing. It is a DIY kit , which requires installation before printing using the printer.

It is compatible for 3D printers using filaments, such as PLA PETG, PVA, PETG, ABS PC, ASA, TPU, Nylon Woodfil, Carbon composite and other filaments from third parties 1.75 millimeters in diameter. It has a maximum build size of 600 mm * 600 millimeters x 660 millimeters, and a layer thickness that ranges between 40 and 800 microns.

The printer offers the XYZ precision of 4 microns x 10 microns x 0.5 microns. It comes with a closed print chamber that has direct feeder technology. A heated bed constructed of PEI material. PEI surface can withstand high temperatures.

The bed leveling feature of Big 60 V3 is automatic and is done with just one click on its 7-inch LCD interface. The machine is connected via various methods including the SD card USB cables, or Wi-Fi.

First Impression

The printer is delivered to your location in a massive box, with all of the components secured inside, ready to face any dangers that may occur during transport. When it's assembled, it appears much like a cage that has an interface for touch screens in the upper left corner, when seen at from the side.

Cost of Print Types/Costs

FDM3D printing is the most simple alternative to all different 3D printing methods specifically for novices. It begins by heating the filament spool within the extruder up to that the material's glass transition temperature is reached.

After that then the melted filament is then allowed to move through the nozzle system, allowing it to be deposited in an ink layer. The is repeated until the final component is printed.

The price of 3D printing one part by using FDM 3D printing technique is less expensive than other methods since there is no separate fusing source to be used. There are a variety of aspects on which the price is dependent, such as the 3D printer filament you are using to you're manufacturing the component as well as the geometry of the object the use of support structures, if any there are any, and many more.

Quality of Print

Big 60 V3 has the ability to provide excellent quality surface over functional prototypes as well as parts. objects with a layer thickness that ranges between 40-800 microns are printed by the printer. It has the capability to print with an XYZ precision of 4. 10.5 and 0.5 microns. That is impressive with all FDM 3D printer at the same price.


The printer manufacturer suggests three of the most popular open-source software that comes with Big 60 V3. These are:

  • Cura
  • Simplify3D
  • Slic3r

Each of them offers simplicity of use, making the task of managing different print jobs a breeze.

Customer Support

Modix has a variety of videos online on the assembly of the printer. In addition should you encounter a difficulty in with the printer, you can reach Modix by phone or email. Their technical staff, who are highly skilled, will be able to assist you quickly.

Factors that influence buying decision

Below are the most important elements of the Big 60 V3.

3D Printer Cost: While it's not the most affordable option however, the price is affordable. It's rare to find the 3D printer that has the same build capacity with a myriad of incredible features for less than $4,000.

3D Print Speed 3D Print Speed: Average.

3-D printing quality: It can manage to print parts of decent quality and functional prototypes. In particular, thanks to its dual chamber of heat, the printer prints small objects with 3D precision.

3D Printer Capability Big 60 V3 can be used with a variety of 3D printer filaments, due to that you've got the design freedom to create parts using any of the products on the market. It is also notable for the automatic bed leveling feature which ensures precision of printing the first layer.

3D Printers are practical and professional makers and designers will be able to experience an ease in printing using the printer. The LCD screen displays new design, improved layout, a fresh extruder, which can reach extreme temperatures and simple assembly will ensure a smooth experience for printer's owners.

3D Printer User expectations: Big 60 V3 simplifies workflows by offering printing using the most simple 3D printing technology, while printing high quality prints. An enclosed print chamber equipped with an PEI print surface is able to manage the temperature inside and ensures adequate bed adhesion and.

The Verdict

Big 60 V3 successfully establishes its status as an upgrade from V2. Alongside offering improved features such as a larger build capacity, a more efficient controller, an upgraded firmware and touch screen interface direct drive extruder and many other. The printer is also equipped with unique features that are difficult to find on printers in similar price.

An excellent example is the dual chamber of heat that lets the user to print even small parts with precision in dimensional.

Furthermore, Modix has kept it easy for users to use by offering an automated mattress leveling mechanism, a resume printing that works with multiple filaments and nozzles with adequate flow rates and materials to play around with. While the printer is provided to the user as a DIY-kit and takes a lot of time to use but it's not too difficult to use. The instructions and videos on the internet.

Overall, the printer provides many features in terms of user-friendliness and that's the primary reason that it is different from other printers at the same price.